Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

tell me, when am I fairest in the day? Recently I've made a rather surprising discovery that probably no one else would ever care to know. For some odd reason unbeknown to myself, I find that I prefer looking at myself in the mirror more at night than in the morning. The weird thing is, I don't do anything that'll drastically change my appearance during the day. I wear no makeup, don't change my hair, nothing. And yet, I find myself to seem better looking when I look at myself later at night. It's a slightly shocking revelation to me, but then again, what part of me is normal? Again I wonder, what is normal? What is strange? Not for the first time I would love to be able to ask others awkward questions to see if I'm alone in my findings. Maybe there's even a possible correlation between this and the fact that I love staying up so late but hate waking up.. Just an ever so tiny possibility. But probably not. It seems like I'm always trying to connect two completely unrelated things.

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