Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Now 9

Aww. My little brother's growing up... He's nine as of today. My parents gave him a new really nice bike and the Wii Sports Resort game. I get to play the game too though, so I'm happy enough. Coincidentally, my brother and mother's birthday are on the same day, so we went to a buffet to celebrate. I'll keep this post short, since I need (really really want) to go watch Harry Potter 3 (yeah, I'm just a little out of date, but I usually prefer to read, not watch... though I've developed a fond liking for movies).

So, and I just felt the need to record this little tidbit of information since I'm a pack rat (figuratively)and in the unlikely event that I ever go to the Pacific Buffet Sushi and Grill (located in Kennesaw next to Walmart and that other buffet we usually go to), then I'll be able to see if the conditions are still the same.

Anyways. At that buffet, I was immediately drawn to the unusual and striking entrance (by all means, I suggest that you try this buffet). As soon as I got inside the shop however, I was struck by the overwhelming sensation of a dream come true. For there in front of my very nose was a grand sushi bar, complete even with a very cute Japanese guy working behind it. I'd guess that he's a high school student or at most in college. Now, he was tall, athletic-looking, and amazing at skinning cucumbers (I know this because I watched him skin about five cucumbers in, say, around a minute. How's that for impressive?). Ahh, he just looked so relaxed and "at peace" standing there creating these delicious sushi combinations. I must have walked past that bar at least eight times trying to attract his attention, even if I only captured his gaze for a moment.

I have to leave now if I have any hopes of finishing the movie tonight, but you want to know the reason why I'm posting all of this? Why, it's just all to see if he's still working there if and when I go there next (my mom has promised me that when my uncle comes to visit we'll take him and my cousin there to eat, so then I'll be able to dream once more, perhaps at least. ;)

P.S Needless to say, the sushi he made was DELICIOUS.

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